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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

60 pips profit on EURUSD range trading

Let me share with you the advance technique from Sure-Fire Forex Trading. This method, which I can only show the chart without going into details how to do it and when, is so effective during range bound trading or when there's no clue on where the market will be going. I usually use it during this times...where market has really no direction.

Using the above method I can maximise my today's case 60 pips. I enter the market once my blue trendline has been breach and place my target exactly twice that of my risk. But to use this method you must be very patient and willing to wait for the market to offer this opportunity.

I am really sorry I can't give you all much details on how to use this method, because it's the property of Mark McRae trading system. I suggest you purchase his trading method & system at Sure-Fire Forex Trading.

Happy trading guys ;)


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