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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009...with a more challenging Trade

2008 leaves us with many memories, both the bad and the good ones. I have a good trading years with the 2008 despite the roller coaster ride created by the turmoil in the global financial market, especially the US of A. I can be proud of my self of choosing FOREX as my trading career due to its unique charateristics. Most interestingly with the FOREX market, I can profit either the market going up or going down. I am not going to explain how the market works...but if you would like to know more you can simply surf to or purchase a book called "Currency Trading for Dummies".

As I have mentioned in my previous posting, in 2009 I will be sharing with you with the trading indicators that I have been using since 2007. It's called Kuasa Forex or in English "Forex Power". I can frequently trade the forex market with this indicator more often than any other kind of indicators. What I like most about this indicator is it's SIMPLICITY.

If you don't have one of this indicator, I generously provide and link on the right of this blog for you to purchase. It's cheaper than any other indicator and only cost RM97.00 and comes with a lots of FREE e-books and bonuses. Mind you, the e-book for Kuasa Forex only comes with 'Malay' language. This year I devoted this blog for non-Malay speaking trader to successfully trade the Kuasa Forex indicator in English.

SIMPLICITY is what I like about this trading indicator. All you have to do after you download all the Kuasa Forex indicators into your MT4 platform, all you need to do and see are:

BUY - When all three indicators, the BBands, Ashi and Starlight are in BLUE

SELL - When all three indicators, the BBands, Ashi and Starlight are in RED

The indicators only can works if you have MT4 platform. If you don't have one simply go to my favourite broker or click the FXPRO.Com icon above to get a FREE MT4 trading platform.

Now, for you to easily follow on how I trade the forex market in this new year 2009, you can download my own trading procedures of using the Kuasa Forex indicator here.

I will be trading live real account with mini-lots starting on the 5th January 2009. Here you can view how I trade using Kuasa Forex indicators live. Please note, I will only post close entry trading chart and position into this blog. This is due that I am using lower time frame to trade with 1-minute as my entry chart and 30-minute chart as my trend chart.

I look forward to post live trading and sharing it here...until then happy trading guys ;)


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