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Recommended & Trusted Broker
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I personally urges you to scrutinize any "super "trading system by providing fast rich method or all-in-one signal to realize your dream, before paying fee to them. As we all undertand, the way to fortune is a painstaking process, much due to your hard efforts and practice, do you think people now can produce any super machine better than human brain? Please do not fall victime of "impulsive buying", cool down yourself for some days first before giving your most precious asset: "Money".

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trading Summary: Tuesday 6 January

I did not execute any trade as the indicators does not agrees with one another on the currency pairs that I monitored. Moreover I am too tired to continue trading all nights, and there's no point to trade the forex market with such great fatigue. So I end up asleep at about 11pm Brunei time.

However for those of your guys able to stay awake until the early mornings after 2 am, I am sure you can get some good trades with profits around the region of 30 - 60 pips. This early morning at about 8:30am (7 Jan 2009) for those of you guys that a free to trade the forex, you may catch AUDUSD with Retails Sales Trend coming out at about that time. Looking at my 30-minute chart of the AUDUSD, it seems ok for a Long trade. But the other remaining chart, i.e. the 5-minute and 1-minute still in the red zone. If I were to trade I will be looking for both chart to turn into blue. My target will be either R1 or R2 for this pair.

Happy trading guys...


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