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Dear All,

I personally urges you to scrutinize any "super "trading system by providing fast rich method or all-in-one signal to realize your dream, before paying fee to them. As we all undertand, the way to fortune is a painstaking process, much due to your hard efforts and practice, do you think people now can produce any super machine better than human brain? Please do not fall victime of "impulsive buying", cool down yourself for some days first before giving your most precious asset: "Money".

Monday, November 17, 2008

The market today seems having some choppy waters. After the release of US economic numbers which looks good than forecast, US Dollar briefly gain some bullish tone but then retreat to some previous level.

As you can see from my 5-min EURUSD chart above, the pair is in the ranging mode and the risk is just way too high for my trading account. The risk from 38.2% entry level all the way up to 61.8% level is well over 64 pips.

So I just simply stay away from the market at the moment until some new trend develops. It may develop later today. Happy trading guys ;)

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