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I personally urges you to scrutinize any "super "trading system by providing fast rich method or all-in-one signal to realize your dream, before paying fee to them. As we all undertand, the way to fortune is a painstaking process, much due to your hard efforts and practice, do you think people now can produce any super machine better than human brain? Please do not fall victime of "impulsive buying", cool down yourself for some days first before giving your most precious asset: "Money".

Monday, November 3, 2008

Internet Outrage Drained 40% of my Trading Account

During the last week of trading in October, I experienced an internet outraged and it drained over 40% of my trading account. The problems start to occur when after placing my short trade with EURUSD, I am unable to get good internet signal to place my stop loss point. I am in that situation for quite some time until nearly 3:00 am (Brunei time). My only reference for the market movements was CNBC channel, and I only able to watch helplessly to the sudden bull movement of EURUSD.

Right now, to what I would like to call 'damage control', is to trade at the most minimum risk and to re-build my cash inventory. There's some good profitable and big movement in the market but I am unable to get into the boat due to the risk involved which are way too high for my trading account to handle.

All this while, I am only trading on the 1-minute chart to reduce my risk with very small stop losses usually offered trading the 1-minute chart.

I will be waiting for the mother of all market mover this Friday night around 9:30 pm Brunei. I will be using the hedging technique and trading the 1-minute chart.

Until then...happy trading guys ;)

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