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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What happen during NFP? And how I do for this week?

It's Hari Raya festive season and I have to attend quite a number of open houses around, especially relatives and close friends. And of course, the business collegues. Unfortunately on last Friday, during the release of US NFP, I am unable to catch the boat as I was at my friend's house and I only realised the time about 7 minutes before 8:30 am New York.

When I rushing getting into my car, plug-in my broadband coupled with my slow laptop during start-up sequence, I missed the boat by over 40 pips and the time has passed 3 minutes after 8:30 all important timing! And I really missed it....there's a good potential to profit at least 50 pips out of the strong southerly move on the EURUSD of well over 100 pips after the news released!

So as for this week...well not that well. I am not able to pay good attention to market movements as for the past 2 days still busy with hari raya things. Yesterday alone I loss over 60 pips and today I had a loss on EURUSD by 26 pips. I am not focusing on the market and I feel this is the reason why I jump on the market and making losses. I put less time to analysed the market condition and macro economic factors, and the all important Support & Resistance level at certain time frames.

I expect my trading for this week will be less and perhaps under performed. Coming this Thursday, I will be leaving Brunei for KL for a business meetings with a very very very tight schedules until Saturday.

By Sunday I shall be able to make some post-mortem market analysis of the week for the next week trading opportunities.

Anyway, I will keep on posting my trading activities for this week up until tomorrow. Until then Happy Hari Raya and have a nice trade!

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