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I personally urges you to scrutinize any "super "trading system by providing fast rich method or all-in-one signal to realize your dream, before paying fee to them. As we all undertand, the way to fortune is a painstaking process, much due to your hard efforts and practice, do you think people now can produce any super machine better than human brain? Please do not fall victime of "impulsive buying", cool down yourself for some days first before giving your most precious asset: "Money".

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Year Is Coming...New Trading Vision

As the count down for 2009 is coming just around the corner in less than a week. I will be sharing with you with a trading system which I have been using all this time since 2007. The system is so advance (in terms of indicators used) but very simple to use. This is the trading system that makes money for me than any other conventional trading system & method.

All this time I only post the conventional trading method and technical analysis. The purpose is to give some understanding on how to use support & resistance, trendlines, multiple time frames, and fibonacci techniques. I also try to deliver as clear as possible the importance of money management in forex trading that can be applied to any financial instruments trading.

In 2009, I will share with you another advance system, which is a method to trade the forex and other CFDs available in the market. I found that you need to understand the importance on the use and identification of support & resistance as well as the identification of the current and long-term trend to successfully use any trading method and system.

With the advance system I will share with you in 2009 is no exception as well. For me support & resistance + market trend is the basic formula for trading success. Having this understanding is just the part of it and not a guarantee for profitable trading. You will need yet another vital ingredients for great success, i.e. to manage and control you emotion.

The new vision of 2009 I will bring with you looking into vast opportunities in currency trading. I will be trading multiple currency pairs ranging from all the major pair, commodity currency pairs and the major crosses including the highly volatile GBPJPY. Here you will see how I can trade around US$1,000 a day to the bare minimum of just US$100.00 a day. As well as how I make minimal losses in volatile choppy market movements.

So I will be back for next live trading after 2nd January 2009 in time before the Mother of All market mover, the US NFP on 9th January 2009. Until then happy holiday and wishing you a Happy New Year 2009.


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