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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Loss EURUSD with SRDC, but profit with Sure-Fire

My SRDC method today post a loss of 20 pips as the price briefly reverse from my entry point on EURUSD. But taking the Sure-Fire Forex Trading system will give me better profit margin with minimal risk. Let see how it works as illustrated by the chart below:

Sure-Fire Forex Trading system use somewhat similar breakout technique like the SRDC but using different trading approach. It require the trader to use multiple time frame, where longer period chart time frame to identify trend and lower chart time frame to make entry. I like to use 30-min, 5-min and 1-min chart. The 1-min chart will not be discussed here as it will require advance entry technique.

My 30-min chart give me a signal to go short (sell) based on the signal given by the EMA where the red line cross below the gold line. Before I can make any entry the price must first break the most recent support line which today is at 1.55581. Once it break this price I will immediately go to the 5-min chart to find an entry point.

For any entry, the Sure-Fire Forex Trading rules that a trader must use a fibo line where an entry must only be executed when the price start to retrace from 38.2%. Target must be at least twice the risk and in today's case the profit potential is 3 times the risk at 1.55271 or 38 pips against risk or stop loss of 11 pips (1.55761) at the 61.8% point.

As you can see from the 5-min chart, I can easily achieved my profit in less than 1 hour from my executable entry. In case you wish to now more about the EMA that are use in this system, I suggest you personally purchase the e-book. I cannot give the full parameter settings here as it will dragged me into legal trouble with Mr Mark McRae, owner of Sure-Fire Forex Trading.

Happy trading guys ;)


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